Peeing Girl Video

Girls have to pee urgent

Beautiful Princess Nikki has a nice yellow treat for her masked slave. She puts a salad plate down on a chair that is deep enough to hold her golden nectar. She fills it with her piss and calls her slave over. He bends down and starts licking it up like a dog while she watches him close. She loves to watch him lick her piss and swallow it. It turns her on.

Hot Jericha is a cute pissing mistress who has saved up some piss in her bladder. She held it as long as she could because she wants to see exactly how much she pisses. She takes a measuring cup and holds it below her pussy so she can fill it up with her golden nectar. She fills over half of the large cup and holds it out for you to drink it.

Mistress Sabrina Campus and Raquel get creative when humiliating their female piss slave Anita. They like the feeling of pissing their panties and they like the feeling of Anita drinking their piss so they mix both pleasures. They soak their panties with piss and make Anita lie under them so the piss will drip into her mouth. They finally take their panties off and piss directly into her mouth.

Dominating brunette Mistress BlackDiamond is such an amazing mistress that she needs multiple slaves. She makes them all wear humiliating masks and even makes them help her subdue the other slaves. She makes two of the slaves hold the other one down while she pisses on him. Then she makes him get down and lick all the excess piss off the floor. She is so cruel to these slaves but they love it.

Mistress Isabella has a cute female slave named Carlotta. In the first part of this 2 part video; Mistress Isabella is pissing while Carlotta holds a large glass under her pussy. She wants to catch every drop of her golden nectar so she can drink it down. She loves to feel the warm piss of her mistress slide down her throat. Piss drinking is one of the many things she does for her.

Domina Miss Decadoria shows no mercy to her masked toilet slave. She makes him lie down with his arms to the side. She pisses all over him and soaks him with her golden nectar. Then she shits on him. To add to the humiliation; she wraps plastic around his entire body so he can't move. He has to sit there helpless while the piss and shit is pressed against his body.

Mistress Gaia will piss in the mouth of any slave, but she particularly likes pissing on a female slave. Her body is soft and tender as she sits on top of her. She teases her and plays with her nipples. She puts her pussy over her mouth and pisses into her mouth then puts a bowl down so the slave can pee in it and drink her own piss when she's done.

This classy Italian mistress does everything with grace and style. She even pisses in style. She takes a large crystal vase and puts it on a chair. She lifts her gorgeous legs and you can see her sexy high heels as she squats over the glass. She fills the glass with her golden nectar. She loves pissing in style and she will give you the glass to drink her piss when she's done.

I sit at my toilet bowl - completely naked of course! I have a plastic bottle in my hands and I want to fill it with my pee! 500 ml - incredible! Do you believe I can do it...? Just find it out - and let me know if you want a bottle of my morning pee too! *g*

Wow, that was incredible! I'm still a little bit confused *g* I was lying at my back and peed right above me, tying to hit my mouth... or maybe avoid it, who knows :D That made me so horny that I took a huge dildo and fucked my pussy as hard as I could - that was sooo hot! :)

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