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This hot and tan brunette sits outdoors in her cute striped socks, spreads her supple legs, pulls her panties to the side and starts pissing all over the ground. She sits in a couple different places because she has a piss fetish and likes to soak things with her pee. She likes it even more when you watch because you have a piss fetish just like she does and it makes her hot.

Natalee went shopping and she had to piss really bad while she was trying to get into her house. She can't get to the bathroom in time and starts soaking her jeans in piss while in her kitchen. She pisses and gets her jeans soak and wet with her golden nectar. The warm pee makes her jeans heavy as it runs down her legs, into her shoes and makes a puddle in the floor.

Mistress BlackDiamond makes her piss slave lie down with his legs in some humiliating stir-ups showing his tiny dick. She pisses in a bed pan and fills it with her golden nectar then takes it to her slave so she can pour it right into his mouth. She tips it a little too fast and soaks his face with her warm piss. This slave loves it because he has a piss fetish.

This hot blonde in a short skirt is waiting for you to lie under her so she can give you a hot golden shower. She lets you watch her dildo her pretty pussy until it gets wet. Then she gets you really wet when she soaks you with her piss. You have to lie there as the golden nectar washes over your face and gets into your eyes and mouth.

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