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Stunning brunette Annabel-Massina comes in smoking after a long day and she has to piss. Her toilet slave follows her to the bathroom to do his job. She takes off her panties and spreads her legs on the edge of the tub. She starts pissing and pulls the slave's face right into her pussy. She wants to make sure he doesn't miss a drop of her warm golden nectar.

Dominating brunette Mistress BlackDiamond is such an amazing mistress that she needs multiple slaves. She makes them all wear humiliating masks and even makes them help her subdue the other slaves. She makes two of the slaves hold the other one down while she pisses on him. Then she makes him get down and lick all the excess piss off the floor. She is so cruel to these slaves but they love it.

Sweet brunette Diana Diamond wants to see exactly how much she can piss. She gets a measuring cup and spreads her bald pussy over it so she can fill it with her warm piss. She has a piss fetish and it makes her horny knowing that you are watching her pee in a measuring cup. She knows how much you would love being her piss drinking slave, but you'll just have to watch.

This hot and tan brunette sits outdoors in her cute striped socks, spreads her supple legs, pulls her panties to the side and starts pissing all over the ground. She sits in a couple different places because she has a piss fetish and likes to soak things with her pee. She likes it even more when you watch because you have a piss fetish just like she does and it makes her hot.

Alexa Poo is a gorgeous brunette with long tone legs who lets you watch her on the toilet. She tinkles and you can hear the piss spraying into the toilet bowl as it echoes through the bathroom. Suddenly she starts letting out some loud and smelly farts that echo even louder. She's so pretty, it's hard to believe that such loud and nasty farts are coming out of her perfect ass.

Mandy Flores is a super hot brunette who caught you sniffing her panties so you are her toilet slave. You must crouch in the corner of her bathroom while she shouts insults at you then backs her perfect little ass up and turns around and soaks you in piss. Then she spits on you covering you with her slimy saliva, yells at you and shoots you a bird before walking out.

Gorgeous, golden skinned brunette Mistress Diamond loves to use her slave as a human bathroom. She makes him crawl between her legs so she can piss on his head then orders him to turn over so she can spray his face with her golden nectar. This golden shower soaks this slave's head and runs into his nose and mouth so he can taste her warm pee. He loves being her bathroom.

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