Peeing Girl Video

Girls have to pee urgent

Hello doggy! Do you want to have something to drink? You look really thirsty! But no wonder because you were locked up the whole day! But don't worry - I have something delicious for you! Just give me some seconds... I will fill this plate with my golden nectar! This is a great honor for you! So put your head down into the bowl and lick everything away my little doggy...!

Do you like to watch girls peeing? Than this clip is exactly what you look for! Black Diamoond has a lot of golden nectar in her bladder - and she doesn't want to hold it in there any longer! She starts to pee and the golden liquid flows out of her pussy in a huge beam of piss! It looks awesome! But also the sounds and noises are very great!

This girl looks really awesome! She has great big breasts and they are all natural! But there is also one other natural thing she has to do: She needs to pee very urgent! Fast she takes off all her clothes and sits down on the toilet bowl. But instead of sitting down on the seat the normal way she spreads her legs and pees straight ahead! There is more pee landing on the floor than into the toilet bowl...! And it makes her so horny that she starts to play with her pussy too...!

Amira and Nikki had a hard day. And now they are really tired. But they wanted to produce one last backstage video for today. They took a big glass bowl and want to fill it with their pee! You can watch Princess Amira and Princess Nikki while they let the golden nectar flow out of their pussies and right into the bowl. But what can you do now with so much still warm pee...? Do you have an idea...?

Mistress Gaia ordered her slave to come over. Her slave has worked very hard today and now he is thirsty. Because of his good job she decided to reward him. She takes a funnel and puts it into the mouth of the slave. Then she spreads her legs and pees into the funnel so the slave gets the whole pee! But he has to drink fast because he isn't allowed to waste some of the pee!

Two blonde girls like to play with each other. They look very hot and have beautiful bodies. Then one of them needs to pee very urgently! While still very horny she decides to pee onto the breasts of her friend. Her girlfriends seems to like it very much because she has a nice smile on her face and her t-shirt is soaked with a lot of pee! Do you wanne you join...!?

Rachel Evan slept a long time. Now she awakes and is really horny! She dreamed some hot stuff! She has to play with her pussy. While she is doing so she realizes that she also has to pee very soon.. Because she doesn't like to go to the toilet she calls her slave over and orders him to drink her pee! The slave follows her orders immediately and Princess Rachel is very happy now - this is a good start into the new day!

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