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Hot Jericha is a cute pissing mistress who has saved up some piss in her bladder. She held it as long as she could because she wants to see exactly how much she pisses. She takes a measuring cup and holds it below her pussy so she can fill it up with her golden nectar. She fills over half of the large cup and holds it out for you to drink it.

This hot blonde had no problem finding a piss slave who was willing to drink her piss. This slave has a major piss fetish and she is extra hot so he brings a piss drinking cup so she can fill it up with golden nectar. He still can't get enough so he drinks the warm piss right from her pussy. He gulps her piss like it was a fine wine.

Sweet brunette Diana Diamond wants to see exactly how much she can piss. She gets a measuring cup and spreads her bald pussy over it so she can fill it with her warm piss. She has a piss fetish and it makes her horny knowing that you are watching her pee in a measuring cup. She knows how much you would love being her piss drinking slave, but you'll just have to watch.

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