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This sweet pissing goddess sits on the edge of the tub while the camera is down inside of it. We are looking straight up at her pussy as she starts spraying her golden nectar in the tub. She cups her hands over her pussy and the pee runs everywhere. She always gets in the tub to pee because she likes to get messy with it. She loves the warm piss on her hands too.

This classy Italian mistress does everything with grace and style. She even pisses in style. She takes a large crystal vase and puts it on a chair. She lifts her gorgeous legs and you can see her sexy high heels as she squats over the glass. She fills the glass with her golden nectar. She loves pissing in style and she will give you the glass to drink her piss when she's done.

Sweet brunette Diana Diamond wants to see exactly how much she can piss. She gets a measuring cup and spreads her bald pussy over it so she can fill it with her warm piss. She has a piss fetish and it makes her horny knowing that you are watching her pee in a measuring cup. She knows how much you would love being her piss drinking slave, but you'll just have to watch.

Tiffany is a cute nerd with a piss fetish who loves when people watch her piss. She sprays her golden nectar out of her pussy and into a glass. When the glass is completely full of her warm piss, she drinks it. She loves the taste of her own pee and she really gets off on knowing that you are watching her indulge her pissing fetish and she hopes you are masturbating.

I am your mistress and you will be my piss slave. I was nice enough to fill this glass with my golden nectar so you can drink it. Now tilt your head back so I can pour my warm piss down your throat. I don't care if it spills a little bit because I like to see your face soaked in my pee, but I will make sure to get most of it in your mouth.

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