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I sit at my toilet bowl - completely naked of course! I have a plastic bottle in my hands and I want to fill it with my pee! 500 ml - incredible! Do you believe I can do it...? Just find it out - and let me know if you want a bottle of my morning pee too! *g*

Wow, that was incredible! I'm still a little bit confused *g* I was lying at my back and peed right above me, tying to hit my mouth... or maybe avoid it, who knows :D That made me so horny that I took a huge dildo and fucked my pussy as hard as I could - that was sooo hot! :)

I made several clips of myself pissing everywhere. I piss in the toilet on some of them, but I also like to piss in bowls, in the tub and I love to tinkle just about everywhere. I love when you watch me drain my bladder of my sweet golden nectar. Watch my pussy get soak and wet with pee while I piss right in front of you in several places.

Alexa Poo is a gorgeous brunette with long tone legs who lets you watch her on the toilet. She tinkles and you can hear the piss spraying into the toilet bowl as it echoes through the bathroom. Suddenly she starts letting out some loud and smelly farts that echo even louder. She's so pretty, it's hard to believe that such loud and nasty farts are coming out of her perfect ass.

I made a compilation of clips of me pissing. Doesn't my pussy look nice close up when it's glistening with piss. Sometimes I piss in a toilet and sometimes I piss in a bowl. The only thing I love more than peeing is making videos so you can watch me spraying my golden nectar. I love when you watch me tinkle because I have a potty fetish and it's even hotter when you watch.

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