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Mistress Sabrina Campus and Raquel get creative when humiliating their female piss slave Anita. They like the feeling of pissing their panties and they like the feeling of Anita drinking their piss so they mix both pleasures. They soak their panties with piss and make Anita lie under them so the piss will drip into her mouth. They finally take their panties off and piss directly into her mouth.

Mistress Isabella has a cute female slave named Carlotta. In the first part of this 2 part video; Mistress Isabella is pissing while Carlotta holds a large glass under her pussy. She wants to catch every drop of her golden nectar so she can drink it down. She loves to feel the warm piss of her mistress slide down her throat. Piss drinking is one of the many things she does for her.

Mistress Gaia will piss in the mouth of any slave, but she particularly likes pissing on a female slave. Her body is soft and tender as she sits on top of her. She teases her and plays with her nipples. She puts her pussy over her mouth and pisses into her mouth then puts a bowl down so the slave can pee in it and drink her own piss when she's done.

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