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Dominating brunette Mistress BlackDiamond is such an amazing mistress that she needs multiple slaves. She makes them all wear humiliating masks and even makes them help her subdue the other slaves. She makes two of the slaves hold the other one down while she pisses on him. Then she makes him get down and lick all the excess piss off the floor. She is so cruel to these slaves but they love it.

Domina Miss Decadoria shows no mercy to her masked toilet slave. She makes him lie down with his arms to the side. She pisses all over him and soaks him with her golden nectar. Then she shits on him. To add to the humiliation; she wraps plastic around his entire body so he can't move. He has to sit there helpless while the piss and shit is pressed against his body.

Mandy Flores is a super hot brunette who caught you sniffing her panties so you are her toilet slave. You must crouch in the corner of her bathroom while she shouts insults at you then backs her perfect little ass up and turns around and soaks you in piss. Then she spits on you covering you with her slimy saliva, yells at you and shoots you a bird before walking out.

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