Peeing Girl Video

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I am your mistress and you will be my piss slave. I was nice enough to fill this glass with my golden nectar so you can drink it. Now tilt your head back so I can pour my warm piss down your throat. I don't care if it spills a little bit because I like to see your face soaked in my pee, but I will make sure to get most of it in your mouth.

Sam and Sandie are two hot blonde lesbians who love to get together, get completely nude and piss all over each other. Their favorite thing to do is lick each other's pussy while they are pissing. They even get into the 69 position so they can soak each other's faces with warm piss while they are getting their pussies eaten out. There is nothing hotter than a mutual golden shower.

Horny sluts with pissing fetishes, Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde and Mia Phoenix pose for a series of pictures that show them pissing on a tiny toy car. It looks like it's raining yellow as they soak the toy car with their golden nectar. These girls love to take pictures of themselves indulging their pissing fetishes and they get a kick out of doing it outdoors and on a little toy car.

Nadia is a mature pissing slut who gets horny when you come to watch her piss. She's so horny that she masturbates until she has an intense orgasm. After she cums, she uses her pussy piercings to pull her pussy apart so she can piss in the bathtub. Her warm golden nectar covers the whole bottom of the bathtub as she gets off on you watching her golden shower.

This hot and tan brunette sits outdoors in her cute striped socks, spreads her supple legs, pulls her panties to the side and starts pissing all over the ground. She sits in a couple different places because she has a piss fetish and likes to soak things with her pee. She likes it even more when you watch because you have a piss fetish just like she does and it makes her hot.

I made several clips of myself pissing everywhere. I piss in the toilet on some of them, but I also like to piss in bowls, in the tub and I love to tinkle just about everywhere. I love when you watch me drain my bladder of my sweet golden nectar. Watch my pussy get soak and wet with pee while I piss right in front of you in several places.

Lucilla is a cute blonde with pouty lips and sexy black stockings. She goes to a lake and steps out on the dock. She crouches down and spreads her legs, pulls her panties to the side and pisses in the lake. Her warm piss sprays out of her pristine pussy and trickles into the water. She doesn't care who is watching her indulge her outdoor pissing fetish. She's going to keep pissing until she's done.

Alexa Poo is a gorgeous brunette with long tone legs who lets you watch her on the toilet. She tinkles and you can hear the piss spraying into the toilet bowl as it echoes through the bathroom. Suddenly she starts letting out some loud and smelly farts that echo even louder. She's so pretty, it's hard to believe that such loud and nasty farts are coming out of her perfect ass.

Natalee went shopping and she had to piss really bad while she was trying to get into her house. She can't get to the bathroom in time and starts soaking her jeans in piss while in her kitchen. She pisses and gets her jeans soak and wet with her golden nectar. The warm pee makes her jeans heavy as it runs down her legs, into her shoes and makes a puddle in the floor.

Mandy Flores is a super hot brunette who caught you sniffing her panties so you are her toilet slave. You must crouch in the corner of her bathroom while she shouts insults at you then backs her perfect little ass up and turns around and soaks you in piss. Then she spits on you covering you with her slimy saliva, yells at you and shoots you a bird before walking out.

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