Peeing Girl Video

Girls have to pee urgent

There is nothing better than a woman who knows exactly how to let out a huge load of hot piss all over the place. Especially, when she is letting a loser slave get a great look at her nice clean pussy. She is going to make him feel completely humiliated, but she also is going to make him drink all of her golden nectar as she looks and how pathetic he is.

A military slave is going to find out what happens when he decides to do the wrong thing to the wrong chick. He is not going to pay her for sex, so she is going to get completely even with him and do something he never expected. Domination is something that she specializes in, so he's going to find out that she is going to dominate him and humiliate him.

This Mistress is famous for doing many different things, including taking a huge hot piss in front of her slave while she is on the ground worshiping the ground that she walks on. She has always been extremely dominating and she loves the feel of humiliation. Knowing that her slave feels uncomfortable and sad he is not drinking her golden nectar gives her a great feeling of pride and accomplishment.

A very sexy woman is going to do something completely different. Her plan is to invite one of her losers slaves over, because she wants him to be completely humiliated. Once he arrives, she is going to inform him that she just had sex and he is now going to watch her take a huge hot piss. She once in to be completely humiliated and feel totally stupid.

There is nothing better than a sexy woman who loves to wear a pair of tiny denim jeans. Although, she also is going to do something in front of her golden shower slave because he is such a loser. She enjoys taking a hot piss right in front of him, because all he wants to do is drink of all of her golden nectar, because he is so pathetic.

Stunning brunette Annabel-Massina comes in smoking after a long day and she has to piss. Her toilet slave follows her to the bathroom to do his job. She takes off her panties and spreads her legs on the edge of the tub. She starts pissing and pulls the slave's face right into her pussy. She wants to make sure he doesn't miss a drop of her warm golden nectar.

This second part of the 2 part series shows just how much Carlotta likes to drink all the piss. Mistress Isabella is nice enough to piss in a large glass for this sissy slave. She has quite a bit of her golden nectar in the glass as Carlotta turns it up and drinks every drop. Mistress Isabella makes sure that the sissy drinks every drop because she has some more for them later.

This sweet pissing goddess sits on the edge of the tub while the camera is down inside of it. We are looking straight up at her pussy as she starts spraying her golden nectar in the tub. She cups her hands over her pussy and the pee runs everywhere. She always gets in the tub to pee because she likes to get messy with it. She loves the warm piss on her hands too.

This Italian pissing mistress knows what a bidet is for but she doesn't give a shit. She wants to piss in it. She is nude when she spreads her legs and places her hairy pussy over the top of the bidet. She sprays out a huge stream of her golden nectar into the bowl. She loves pissing and loves it even more when you watch her up close and personal.

Wet Gina shows you exactly how she got her name. She stays wet pretty much all the time. She loves pissing and really enjoys it when guys watch her piss. She brings you in close until you are right in front of her pussy. She spreads it and shows you how wet it is. It gets even more wet when she starts spraying out her golden nectar for you to drink.

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