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Mistress BlackDiamond makes her piss slave lie down with his legs in some humiliating stir-ups showing his tiny dick. She pisses in a bed pan and fills it with her golden nectar then takes it to her slave so she can pour it right into his mouth. She tips it a little too fast and soaks his face with her warm piss. This slave loves it because he has a piss fetish.

I have a full bladder and I want you to watch me piss. I'm not pissing in the public restroom. I'm going to take this bottle and hold it under my pussy so I can fill it with my golden nectar. I have a piss fetish so it makes me hot when you watch me pissing. Every time I have to pee, I look around for someone to watch me.

Hot Jericha is a cute chick in glasses who loves to piss on men and she wants you to be her next piss slave. She spreads her shaved pussy and sprays out her golden nectar and it makes her horny to think about her piss going into your mouth. She would give you the best golden shower you ever had and make you drink her piss. You would love to satisfy her piss fetish.

Wouldn't you love to be lying underneath Princess Nikki as she pisses all over you? Seeing her gorgeous and supple pussy get soaked with piss as she sprays her golden nectar into your face would be the perfect thing to satisfy your piss fetish. If you want to be with Nikki, you have to gladly drink her piss and tell her that you are more than happy to take her humiliation.

This pretty white girl and gorgeous African princess sit nude by the lake. They are there to piss outdoors. They sit on the dock and spread their pussies and start pissing in the lake. Their golden nectar sprays out of their pretty pussies and glistens in the sun as it tinkles into the lake. If you're fishing for hot pissing clips, these girls are a good catch, especially if you have a piss fetish.

Emmaspace is so sweet and she loves it when you watch her get nude. She strips and shows you her pretty, petite body and lets you watch her squat and piss in the floor of the shower. She empties her bladder of her golden nectar then pulls down the showerhead so she can wash her piss covered pussy. She clearly enjoys spraying her bald pussy while you are watching her.

Princess Melena wants you to follow her to the bathroom because she doesn't want to bother with using toilet paper. Why should she? She has a slave like you who is willing to be her human toilet paper. She pulls down her panties, sits on the toilet and empties her bladder and now she has piss all over her pussy. You have to lick it clean until all her golden nectar is licked off.

A group of trashy, cruel and dominating girls have decided to revel in your humiliation as you lie under their toilet seat so you can be their human toilet. Once they soak you with piss, they aren't satisfied with the level of humiliation so they hover around the toilet and spit big snot filled loogies right into your mouth and face. They happily abuse you as your face is full of piss and spit.

I made a compilation of clips of me pissing. Doesn't my pussy look nice close up when it's glistening with piss. Sometimes I piss in a toilet and sometimes I piss in a bowl. The only thing I love more than peeing is making videos so you can watch me spraying my golden nectar. I love when you watch me tinkle because I have a potty fetish and it's even hotter when you watch.

This hot blonde in a short skirt is waiting for you to lie under her so she can give you a hot golden shower. She lets you watch her dildo her pretty pussy until it gets wet. Then she gets you really wet when she soaks you with her piss. You have to lie there as the golden nectar washes over your face and gets into your eyes and mouth.

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