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Hot Jericha loves drinking her hot piss. Piss drinking is her favorite thing to do because she gets to feel her own warm golden nectar in her mouth. She swallows big gulps of extra yellow piss and licks her lips because it tastes so good. There is nothing more delicious to her than fresh piss, especially when it's her own. She is her own human toilet so who needs a bathroom?

Rachel Evans has to pee, but she's not going to the toilet. She has a slave to be her human toilet. She makes him lie face down on the floor until she is ready to piss. Her bladder is full so she makes him roll over so she can stand over him and piss in his mouth. He loves the piss drinking and loves the taste of her golden nectar.

Mistress BlackDiamond does not want to go to the toilet. She would much rather piss in your mouth and make you her human toilet. She looks so hot in glasses and knee high, high heel boots as she spreads her soft legs and pulls her panties to the side so she can get all of her pee into your mouth. She doesn't mind soaking your whole face in piss to satisfy her piss fetish.

A group of trashy, cruel and dominating girls have decided to revel in your humiliation as you lie under their toilet seat so you can be their human toilet. Once they soak you with piss, they aren't satisfied with the level of humiliation so they hover around the toilet and spit big snot filled loogies right into your mouth and face. They happily abuse you as your face is full of piss and spit.

Three sexy girls are going to humiliate you by making you become their human toilet. You must lie under the toilet seat you piss slave so you can receive their golden nectar. You know you love seeing their pussies and their asshole spread out so they can piss all over your face. You have to take their verbal humiliation and cruel domination as they take turns peeing in your mouth.

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