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Beautiful Princess Nikki has a nice yellow treat for her masked slave. She puts a salad plate down on a chair that is deep enough to hold her golden nectar. She fills it with her piss and calls her slave over. He bends down and starts licking it up like a dog while she watches him close. She loves to watch him lick her piss and swallow it. It turns her on.

Horny sluts with pissing fetishes, Princess Nikki, Gina Blonde and Mia Phoenix pose for a series of pictures that show them pissing on a tiny toy car. It looks like it's raining yellow as they soak the toy car with their golden nectar. These girls love to take pictures of themselves indulging their pissing fetishes and they get a kick out of doing it outdoors and on a little toy car.

Wouldn't you love to be lying underneath Princess Nikki as she pisses all over you? Seeing her gorgeous and supple pussy get soaked with piss as she sprays her golden nectar into your face would be the perfect thing to satisfy your piss fetish. If you want to be with Nikki, you have to gladly drink her piss and tell her that you are more than happy to take her humiliation.

Princess Nikki is very angry with her slave! The slave is very lazy and doesn't do the housecleaning very good. So there is only one thing she can do now: Punish him! And she believes that the best way to punish him is to show him what a loser he is! She orders him to lay down in the bathtub and then she starts to pee onto him - so humiliating!

Amira and Nikki had a hard day. And now they are really tired. But they wanted to produce one last backstage video for today. They took a big glass bowl and want to fill it with their pee! You can watch Princess Amira and Princess Nikki while they let the golden nectar flow out of their pussies and right into the bowl. But what can you do now with so much still warm pee...? Do you have an idea...?

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