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Stunning brunette Annabel-Massina comes in smoking after a long day and she has to piss. Her toilet slave follows her to the bathroom to do his job. She takes off her panties and spreads her legs on the edge of the tub. She starts pissing and pulls the slave's face right into her pussy. She wants to make sure he doesn't miss a drop of her warm golden nectar.

Mistress Sabrina Campus and Raquel get creative when humiliating their female piss slave Anita. They like the feeling of pissing their panties and they like the feeling of Anita drinking their piss so they mix both pleasures. They soak their panties with piss and make Anita lie under them so the piss will drip into her mouth. They finally take their panties off and piss directly into her mouth.

This hot blonde had no problem finding a piss slave who was willing to drink her piss. This slave has a major piss fetish and she is extra hot so he brings a piss drinking cup so she can fill it up with golden nectar. He still can't get enough so he drinks the warm piss right from her pussy. He gulps her piss like it was a fine wine.

Pissing mistress Black Sharon gives her piss slave a golden shower. She holds him by his loser head and spreads her legs so she can spray warm piss right in his face. He just crouches there and takes her golden nectar in his face. This makes him horny because he has a piss fetish and so does Black Sharon. She loves pissing on slaves and laughs at their humiliation with warm pee on their face.

I am your mistress and you will be my piss slave. I was nice enough to fill this glass with my golden nectar so you can drink it. Now tilt your head back so I can pour my warm piss down your throat. I don't care if it spills a little bit because I like to see your face soaked in my pee, but I will make sure to get most of it in your mouth.

Mistress BlackDiamond makes her piss slave lie down with his legs in some humiliating stir-ups showing his tiny dick. She pisses in a bed pan and fills it with her golden nectar then takes it to her slave so she can pour it right into his mouth. She tips it a little too fast and soaks his face with her warm piss. This slave loves it because he has a piss fetish.

Hot Jericha is a cute chick in glasses who loves to piss on men and she wants you to be her next piss slave. She spreads her shaved pussy and sprays out her golden nectar and it makes her horny to think about her piss going into your mouth. She would give you the best golden shower you ever had and make you drink her piss. You would love to satisfy her piss fetish.

Three sexy girls are going to humiliate you by making you become their human toilet. You must lie under the toilet seat you piss slave so you can receive their golden nectar. You know you love seeing their pussies and their asshole spread out so they can piss all over your face. You have to take their verbal humiliation and cruel domination as they take turns peeing in your mouth.

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