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Jenny has found herself a slave who takes his piss drinking seriously. She humiliates him by making him lie completely nude while she spreads her legs and pushes her warm pussy down on to his mouth. He covers her pussy with his mouth so all of the golden nectar that comes out will go right into his mouth. He drinks gulp after gulp of her warm pee like it was water.

Sam and Sandie are two hot blonde lesbians who love to get together, get completely nude and piss all over each other. Their favorite thing to do is lick each other's pussy while they are pissing. They even get into the 69 position so they can soak each other's faces with warm piss while they are getting their pussies eaten out. There is nothing hotter than a mutual golden shower.

This pretty white girl and gorgeous African princess sit nude by the lake. They are there to piss outdoors. They sit on the dock and spread their pussies and start pissing in the lake. Their golden nectar sprays out of their pretty pussies and glistens in the sun as it tinkles into the lake. If you're fishing for hot pissing clips, these girls are a good catch, especially if you have a piss fetish.

Emmaspace is so sweet and she loves it when you watch her get nude. She strips and shows you her pretty, petite body and lets you watch her squat and piss in the floor of the shower. She empties her bladder of her golden nectar then pulls down the showerhead so she can wash her piss covered pussy. She clearly enjoys spraying her bald pussy while you are watching her.

Beatrise has red hair and a hot body. And she has only one thing into her mind: strip, show you her hot body and let you watch while she pees into the bathtub! So soon she starts to take off her clothes until she stands totally naked in the bathroom. Then she knees down and simply starts to pee. The golden liquid leaves her pussy and flows down to her feet. An awesome view!

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