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This classy Italian mistress does everything with grace and style. She even pisses in style. She takes a large crystal vase and puts it on a chair. She lifts her gorgeous legs and you can see her sexy high heels as she squats over the glass. She fills the glass with her golden nectar. She loves pissing in style and she will give you the glass to drink her piss when she's done.

I sit at my toilet bowl - completely naked of course! I have a plastic bottle in my hands and I want to fill it with my pee! 500 ml - incredible! Do you believe I can do it...? Just find it out - and let me know if you want a bottle of my morning pee too! *g*

Wow, that was incredible! I'm still a little bit confused *g* I was lying at my back and peed right above me, tying to hit my mouth... or maybe avoid it, who knows :D That made me so horny that I took a huge dildo and fucked my pussy as hard as I could - that was sooo hot! :)

Princess Nikki is very angry with her slave! The slave is very lazy and doesn't do the housecleaning very good. So there is only one thing she can do now: Punish him! And she believes that the best way to punish him is to show him what a loser he is! She orders him to lay down in the bathtub and then she starts to pee onto him - so humiliating!

Rachel Evans really loves to masturbate! She could play the whole day with her pussy only. But after some time she really has to pee. She calls her slave and orders him to lay down under her pussy. With her fingers she spreads her pussy and aims right into the air. The slave has to catch the stream of pee but he doesn't do a good job. He misses a lot and so he has to clean the ground with his tongue until everything is clean again!

Hanna and Jacky are two how girls who like to play outside and dominate their slave. Joschi instead has to do whatever his mistresses want him to do - and they tell him to lay down on the ground so they can sit on his ugly face. While Hanna sits on his face Jacky pees on her breasts until the liquid also lands on Joschi's face. He can not breath anymore - but has to taste the golden liquids...!

Nanalou is chained to a tree in the garden. She wants to escape and so she struggles until the tree breaks and she can move freely again. She wears a nice leather dress and boots with steel heels. And she has a butt plug in her asshole! She is so horny that she starts to masturbate. She has so much fun that she forgets everything else. And then she suddenly starts to pee too! A powerful stream of champagne leaves her pussy. And then she sees a dick too - what to do now...?

The user often watched my videos. Then he thought that he tries to contact me to ask me for a video just for him! He wants me to wear a jeans and then start to pee - without taking off the jeans! It sounds like a great idea and so I liked to fulfill his wish. It was a nice feeling on my skin! The jeans was soaked with my pee and warm. And it made some funny noises when moving...! :D

Beatrise has red hair and a hot body. And she has only one thing into her mind: strip, show you her hot body and let you watch while she pees into the bathtub! So soon she starts to take off her clothes until she stands totally naked in the bathroom. Then she knees down and simply starts to pee. The golden liquid leaves her pussy and flows down to her feet. An awesome view!

Hello doggy! Do you want to have something to drink? You look really thirsty! But no wonder because you were locked up the whole day! But don't worry - I have something delicious for you! Just give me some seconds... I will fill this plate with my golden nectar! This is a great honor for you! So put your head down into the bowl and lick everything away my little doggy...!

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