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This hot blonde had no problem finding a piss slave who was willing to drink her piss. This slave has a major piss fetish and she is extra hot so he brings a piss drinking cup so she can fill it up with golden nectar. He still can't get enough so he drinks the warm piss right from her pussy. He gulps her piss like it was a fine wine.

Tiffany is a cute nerd with a piss fetish who loves when people watch her piss. She sprays her golden nectar out of her pussy and into a glass. When the glass is completely full of her warm piss, she drinks it. She loves the taste of her own pee and she really gets off on knowing that you are watching her indulge her pissing fetish and she hopes you are masturbating.

This trashy blonde in black stockings goes outdoors to piss because she likes when people watch her pissing. It makes her horny so she dildos herself for all to see until she has an orgasm. She pulls out her big tits and pisses her golden nectar all over the ground. She loves the feel of the sun on her pussy as she sprays her warm pee everywhere and she could care less who is watching.

Pissing mistress Black Sharon gives her piss slave a golden shower. She holds him by his loser head and spreads her legs so she can spray warm piss right in his face. He just crouches there and takes her golden nectar in his face. This makes him horny because he has a piss fetish and so does Black Sharon. She loves pissing on slaves and laughs at their humiliation with warm pee on their face.

Mistress BlackDiamond does not want to go to the toilet. She would much rather piss in your mouth and make you her human toilet. She looks so hot in glasses and knee high, high heel boots as she spreads her soft legs and pulls her panties to the side so she can get all of her pee into your mouth. She doesn't mind soaking your whole face in piss to satisfy her piss fetish.

Nadia is a mature pissing slut who gets horny when you come to watch her piss. She's so horny that she masturbates until she has an intense orgasm. After she cums, she uses her pussy piercings to pull her pussy apart so she can piss in the bathtub. Her warm golden nectar covers the whole bottom of the bathtub as she gets off on you watching her golden shower.

This hot and tan brunette sits outdoors in her cute striped socks, spreads her supple legs, pulls her panties to the side and starts pissing all over the ground. She sits in a couple different places because she has a piss fetish and likes to soak things with her pee. She likes it even more when you watch because you have a piss fetish just like she does and it makes her hot.

Mistress BlackDiamond makes her piss slave lie down with his legs in some humiliating stir-ups showing his tiny dick. She pisses in a bed pan and fills it with her golden nectar then takes it to her slave so she can pour it right into his mouth. She tips it a little too fast and soaks his face with her warm piss. This slave loves it because he has a piss fetish.

I have a full bladder and I want you to watch me piss. I'm not pissing in the public restroom. I'm going to take this bottle and hold it under my pussy so I can fill it with my golden nectar. I have a piss fetish so it makes me hot when you watch me pissing. Every time I have to pee, I look around for someone to watch me.

Wouldn't you love to be lying underneath Princess Nikki as she pisses all over you? Seeing her gorgeous and supple pussy get soaked with piss as she sprays her golden nectar into your face would be the perfect thing to satisfy your piss fetish. If you want to be with Nikki, you have to gladly drink her piss and tell her that you are more than happy to take her humiliation.

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