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Rachel Evans really loves to masturbate! She could play the whole day with her pussy only. But after some time she really has to pee. She calls her slave and orders him to lay down under her pussy. With her fingers she spreads her pussy and aims right into the air. The slave has to catch the stream of pee but he doesn't do a good job. He misses a lot and so he has to clean the ground with his tongue until everything is clean again!

Mistress Gaia ordered her slave to come over. Her slave has worked very hard today and now he is thirsty. Because of his good job she decided to reward him. She takes a funnel and puts it into the mouth of the slave. Then she spreads her legs and pees into the funnel so the slave gets the whole pee! But he has to drink fast because he isn't allowed to waste some of the pee!

Rachel Evan slept a long time. Now she awakes and is really horny! She dreamed some hot stuff! She has to play with her pussy. While she is doing so she realizes that she also has to pee very soon.. Because she doesn't like to go to the toilet she calls her slave over and orders him to drink her pee! The slave follows her orders immediately and Princess Rachel is very happy now - this is a good start into the new day!

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