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She loves to relax and hang out in her backyard during afternoons that are so warm. However, she also enjoys doing things that most people would never even think of. One of them is taking off her pants so that her pussy is exposed, but she does not stop there. She will take the biggest piss that looks like a volcano because it is exploding everywhere with golden urine.

This pretty mistress has always had a secret fetish that many of her slaves do not know about. She finds the taste of her own pee to be really delicious, so she always is taking the time to pee in a glass. She also enjoys putting on lingerie, so that she feels sexy when she is doing this very naughty secret fetish. She might even let a slave have a drink.

This mistress loves to show off her perfect body, but she also loves to do things that make her slave go totally nuts. She is going to tell her slave that he must stand and watch her play with herself, but she also has a secret agenda that he does not know about. She will be pissing on him as well, but the slave doesn't know those facts yet.

This lovely mistress likes to force her slaves to sleep in different locations around her house. Sometimes they might be asleep in her bathroom, and sometimes they might be asleep in her kitchen on the floor. When she realizes that one of her slave's is asleep in the kitchen, she immediately makes him going to the bathroom where she covers him with a huge golden shower right on his face.

Most mistresses are not so sexually adventurous, but this mistress not only enjoys playing with her dildo, but she will also allow a construction worker to fuck her good and hard. The one thing the construction worker did not bank on was the huge golden shower that will come flowing from her pussy and completely cover him to the point where he just opens his mouth to swallow up everything.

The one thing about Alexa is she always loves to masturbate and she also enjoys taking a huge piss right after she is done. She has done this for a very long time and she also notices that the more she masturbates the more she feels the urge to pee. This can be a huge turn on for her slave to watch if he is allowed in the bathroom.

Lucilla is going to take a stroll in a park and have a relaxing afternoon. However, she realizes that she has a sudden impulse to take a piss. Instead of trying to find a bathroom, she is going to pull down her pants and piss all over the ground in front of people. Normally, she would feel slightly embarrassed however she also knows that some people are turned on.

This mistress has never been known for being shy or for being kind to a slave. She is going to put on her nurse costume, because she wants to let her slave know that she is going to dominate him, and she is also going to take a nice warm piss right into his mouth. She wants to know if her slave feels better after his healing piss in his mouth.

Pissing mistress Black Sharon gives her piss slave a golden shower. She holds him by his loser head and spreads her legs so she can spray warm piss right in his face. He just crouches there and takes her golden nectar in his face. This makes him horny because he has a piss fetish and so does Black Sharon. She loves pissing on slaves and laughs at their humiliation with warm pee on their face.

I am your mistress and you will be my piss slave. I was nice enough to fill this glass with my golden nectar so you can drink it. Now tilt your head back so I can pour my warm piss down your throat. I don't care if it spills a little bit because I like to see your face soaked in my pee, but I will make sure to get most of it in your mouth.

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