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A babe with really toned thighs is going to have a nice relaxing break by taking a piss into a bowl. She also knows that her slave coming over later in the afternoon is going to appreciate all of her golden nectar, and he also will drink up every single drop without hesitation. She loves that about her slave, but she also loves to humiliate him as well.

This lovely mistress can be so brutal and sadistic to her slaves. She has one slave in particular that enjoys drinking up all of her golden nectar, and he will take it from anywhere he can get it. Therefore she is going to use a soup plate and pee directly on it so that her slave can use a spoon and start to enjoy his next meal on her.

This lovely girl is going to go on vacation, but she has some tricks up her sleeve. She is thinking about making a video of all of the different toilet trips she makes to the bathroom in one day so that she is able to tease her slave. She knows her slave gets great satisfaction in her pee and she knows just how to push all of his buttons.

The one thing about Princess Nikki that no one ever underestimates is how mischievous she can really be. She has never been a mistress that is easy-going or small about anything she does. As a matter of fact she takes pride in her ability to really be brutal and sadistic when it comes time to humiliate a slave. She is going to pee on her floor so her slave has to clean up the mess.

A slave is going to find out that he is very helpless when it comes time to play with Mistress Black Diamond. She has always thought of him as a total pussy, therefore taking a piss into the funnel is going to bring her a great deal of satisfaction watching him being totally humiliated. The only thing he can do is drink up all of her golden nectar.

There is no telling what three ladies are going to do when they are together. All of the girls are very attractive and they also love to have fun. The first thing they are considering is making sure they humiliate their slaves properly. The only thing that comes to mind is taking a huge piss on the ground for their slaves to lick up. These ladies love humiliation.

A slave is going to find out just how cruel Mistress Black Diamond can be when she is in the mood to completely humiliated slave. She is going to pee into a Ziploc bag, because she wants him to get used to the smell of her golden nectar. Instead of stopping there, she is going to empty out the bag of pee directly on top of his head for humiliation.

She sure knows how to pick the biggest losers, and she also knows this. Instead of getting upset about it, she is going to humiliate her slaves and make them feel completely worthless. One of the ways she does this is to take a piss in a glass, so that the slave must drink up all of her golden nectar and tell her how delicious each drop is.

This pretty mistress loves to dance and she also enjoys being naked. Most of the time her slaves never see her with clothing on because she loves to be free, and she also loves to do things that are super humiliating to slaves. One of them is to pee right on a slave when she feels like it and her favorite place to go pee is in her bathroom on the floor.

She truly is a mistress that knows how to be super sexy and seductive. Wearing only a tiny bikini she is going to pull the crotch of the bikini off to the side so that she can take a piss into a glass. Her plan is to wait for a slave, so that he is able to drink of all of her golden nectar from the glass.

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